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Instructional Videos

Vendnet offers these videos to help answer some basic questions. The instructional videos show step by step how to do simple tasks. For more detailed instruction please call our service department at 1-800-833-4411 Monday through Friday 8am till 5pm Central Standard time. Please have your model and serial number available when you call.

To play videos, you will need to allow popups in your system.
1. Bill Validator Removal
2. Coil Coupler Installation
3. Start Capacitor Replacement
4. Plastic Tray Removal
5. Replace Single Motor
6. Satellite Drink Hook Up
7. Recieving Your Vending Machine
8. Uploading NEW Programming Using The GVC Tool
9. Temperature Sensor Kit Install for Glass Front Bait 1216062.258
10. Automated Delivery Assist Box Service
11. Model 3501 Drink Vendor Refer Replacement Video
12. Receive and Setup vending machine Models 3566 & 3567 Video
13. Converting Multi-zone Food to Full Frozen Configuration Video
14. Singlezone to Multi-zone Configuration Models 3532, 3576 Video
15. Standard Skid Removal Video
15. Replacing a Heating Element Inside a Frozen Machine Door Video

Spanish Videos

1. Kit de instalaciˇn de reemplazo de tarjeta de control 1216062.248

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